10 Peaks FAQs

Got a question about the 10 Peaks Challenge? The answer may well be in here!

How many team members need to be present for the Friday night briefing?

It is compulsory for all team members to attend the safety briefing. If there is an issue with team availability, give us a call.

When should I book accommodation?

ASAP! Our room holds are released by the end of January, so you will be responsible for finding suitable accommodation thereafter.

How fit do I need to be to complete the challenge?

You do not have to be super fit for the 10 Peaks, though you are advised to follow the advice in our handbook to be as prepared as possible! Consult your doctor if you are concerned about any injuries or illnesses that may interfere with challenge participation.

Is it necessary to have a dedicated driver?

No. Teams are able to park at a central location for the event, and it is only a short drive to and from accommodation in Crickhowell and the location of the reception. Teams are recommended to use 1 car to save costs and reduce carbon emissions.

Will I actually need walking poles and a headtorch?

Yes! Every individual must have a head torch as we set out early on the Saturday when it is still dark. Walking poles are recommended to reduce stress on your knees during areas of descent, and are useful in cases of injury to help assist the individual off the mountain, preventing a full scale rescue.

Should I carry full waterproofs?

Yes! Conditions in the mountains can change rapidly – you’ll be miserable if you get caught out and you have far to go!

Can’t I just wear trainers?

NO! You will absolutely require boots with ankle support in a material that offers protection against the elements. Low and mid cross trainers are not allowed.

What food and drink should I take on the walk?

Full meals are not advised as you’ll be snacking constantly rather than stopping for a big lunch. Lightweight, high energy foods such as nuts, muesli bars, dried fruit and chocolate are all good hiking snacks. Every team member should also carry 1 litre of water – we will let you know if there are any water stations on the route in the safety briefing.

Do I need insurance?

As an event organizer, we have public liability insurance. You are responsible for obtaining personal liability insurance.



When I was at school, a teacher took a group of us camping and it was there that I learnt that I could achieve more than I thought. I truly believe that without this experience it could have been a different outcome for me.

David Hempleman-Adams
Founder Patron

10 Peaks 2018

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