5 Reasons Businesses should take part in a YAT Team Building Event

Here at the Youth Adventure Trust we have an assortment of fantastic team building events on offer in 2024 and beyond, but what are the benefits for businesses who may be considering taking part? You may be surprised at just how much your business can gain, here are some of the reasons why team building is key to creating a happy and engaged workforce.

  1. Create and nurture friendships: Did you know that having close friends at work can DOUBLE job satisfaction? With today’s WFH culture we naturally have less time with others. But as social creatures, we really need time together to be at our best, therefore any opportunity to connect with others really is valuable. Having dedicated time to have fun and build those bonds makes everyone feel happier and a part of something valuable. Employees who have strong relationships with their colleagues are not only happier, they are more productive.
  1. Boost happiness and team morale by making staff feel valued:  69% of unhappy employees cite feeling undervalued as the reason they are unhappy at work. Signing up for team building can be a great staff retention strategy– it shows your staff how much you value them as important members of the team. After all, happy staff are more likely to stay with a company and the best companies have the happiest staff!
  1. Increased communication and collaboration: In our team challenges everyone sticks together to achieve a common goal. It’s a great opportunity to not only get outside in nature but also to work together to do something amazing. When teams work together seamlessly they feel more connected to both their colleagues and the company as a whole. A supportive environment creates positive relationships and a strong sense of belonging for a staff team, helping boost communication and collaboration.
  1. Improve physical and mental health: 44% of people said that being outside in nature made them feel less anxious or worried. All our challenges are outdoors in beautiful natural environments, they get people up and moving which is fantastic for health and wellbeing. We all know sitting at a desk is bad for your health, but what are we doing about it? Supporting a charity creates a positive societal impact helping you feel good as well as do good – it’s a win-win!
  • Opportunities for challenge: Companies with happy employees are often more resilient and able to adapt through challenges. By increasing the opportunity for challenge, your employees will feel more motivated, engaged and fulfilled. We know first hand that when you push yourself to try something new, you feel amazing, we see it in our young people everyday.  

Trying something new is the zest of life! In 2024 we’re bringing back the amazing Beacon’s challenge, a fantastic opportunity to get outside in the beautiful Brecon Beacons (Bannau Brycheiniog) and raise money for vulnerable young people on our programmes.

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