Jade’s Story: Don’t stop believing

I can honestly say that if it wasn’t for the Youth Adventure Trust, I wouldn’t be the person I am today.

Back in year 7 I was asked to attend and commit to a 3 year course which would help build confidence, build self-esteem; teach me to be patient, make new friends, and try things I would never usually try.

I was faced with challenging situations. Most importantly I was faced with my fears and made the decision to confront them and try my absolute best to work through and get past them. I can honestly say if it wasn’t for the ‘Youth Adventure Trust’, I would not be the person I am today.

My favourite memory of the whole experience was when we went caving. I and a vast majority of my group were very worried about being in such confined spaces and at first refused to go in, but with the support and encouragement of Rob and the volunteers we all went in. One girl was really on edge throughout the whole thing, me and the others sang a song to her to ensure her that she shouldn’t give up and should keep on going. We sang ‘Don’t stop believing, Journey’. This not only helped her get through the cave but it also helped her to get through it with a smile on her face.

From around the age of 12 years old I was frequently rude and aggressive, I didn’t care what I said or who I said it to. I had a lot of home problems and school problems. I would always truant class and run away from teachers. This course taught me that the decisions I was making at the time would affect me for the rest of my life. Now at the age of 16 years I am looking to pass all of my GCSE’s go to college and also be the first in my family to attend university.