Tammy’s Story: Building confidence at camp

Tammy has really struggled through the pandemic. The repeated lockdowns left her feeling isolated and lacking in self-confidence; things felt so bleak that sadly Tammy took an overdose earlier this year. We continued to support Tammy through her recovery and she opened up to Rob, her Programme Manager, about how she was feeling. Together he and Kerrie, another Programme Manager, have been mentoring Tammy through the lockdowns to help her slowly re-build her self-esteem and self-confidence.

Tammy came away to Forest Camp this summer and we saw a marked change in her – she demonstrated lots of positive actions, became a natural leader and motivated and encouraged her group to complete the activities even when they found them challenging. At the end of the week, each young person in Tammy’s group openly shared how much they respected and appreciated her for how she had helped them. Having praise and recognition from her peers is a huge boost to her self-esteem and Tammy is now starting to believe in herself.

The upcoming Pathway Days will be great opportunities for Tammy to continue building her confidence and to develop her teamwork and communication skills, as well as give her a chance to spend time with her peers in a positive and supportive environment.