Ryan’s Story: Riding High

YAT has changed my life is so many different ways. I went from a shy immature kid to a brave, loving and kind young man.

Youth Adventure Trust alumnus, Ryan, recently joined Corporate Partnerships Manager, Philippa, to visit Le Loop’s cyclists in France, who had been raising funds for us. He was a fantastic ambassador for YAT and spoke openly about the life changing impact the Youth Adventure Programme had on his life.

The Youth Adventure Trust has been very fortunate to benefit from a three year grant from the William Wates Memorial Trust, which has helped to fund the cost of our Coastal Camp. Le Loop is a fundraising cycling challenge which raises the money for the William Wates Memorial Trust to allocate to its chosen charities. The organisers from Le Loop invited us to go along and tell the riders about the difference their fundraising makes for the young people on our Programme. We asked Youth Adventure Trust alumni, Ryan, to travel abroad for the first time, and go to France to speak on our behalf.

This is what he told them:

I thought the biggest challenge (of joining Le Loop) was going to be the flight – I had never flown before and was a little scared. But the toughest bit had to be the heat.

… The best part about Le Loop was getting go out to France and meeting the people who help raise money for people like YAT. It was amazing to get out and see the riders and get some amazing photos.

YAT has changed my life is so many different ways. I went from a shy immature kid to a brave loving and kind young man. They helped me so much and they wouldn’t of been able to without donors like Le loop… Youth Adventure Trust helps so many kids to get them out of situations that they are struggling in, giving them a chance to change and a chance to grow. With people like the William Wates Memorial Trust donating … YAT can keep changing kids lives for the better.”

Ryan’s story had a big impact on Le Loop’s riders:

“The opportunity to meet some of the (Wates) family, the staff who help the charities and most importantly, some of the young people who have benefited from it was inspiring. Who can’t be inspired by the people we met, so positive and confident!”

“The charity element is extremely important. It is a key reason for me doing a second Loop. I was so inspired by the people who joined us from various charities.”

“Getting to understand more about the charities while riding in France is very inspiring, and humbling. Gave a focus to the whole effort, beyond the physical.”

We would like to say a huge thank you to Le Loop and the William Wates Memorial Trust for inviting us along for the ride, and of course to all the riders who took part this year for their fundraising support and for showing great determination and resilience on the course!