• Challenge Overview

    On Friday 13th September 2024, you and your team will take on the Housebuilder Challenge 2024! Although we can’t promise sunshine, we can promise glorious scenery and a rewarding experience we are sure you will enjoy.

    All teams will need to register before the challenge so that we can run through a safety and radio briefing with you. All team members need to be present for this!

    At the end of the hike we will head for a gala dinner and prize giving where teams will celebrate their immense achievement.

    Physically and mentally this is a tough challenge, so you’ll need to be well prepared! When it’s over you will have a huge sense of achievement, both in knowing you have succeeded in completing the challenge but also that your team will have raised £2,000 for the Youth Adventure Trust’s work with vulnerable young people.

  • Challenge Forms

    All participants must complete a Medical & Personal Details form before the challenge. Please click here to enter your details.

    Notes on completing this form:
    It is essential that you answer all questions as fully as possible, signing and dating the declaration at the end. The information will be kept confidential to event staff and any medical officer(s) attending the event. When answering questions please bear in mind that we are particularly interested in any history of the following conditions: asthma; bronchitis; heart conditions; high blood pressure; kidney or bladder disease; fits; HIV; faints; blackouts; severe headaches migraines; diabetes, joint, back or muscle problems; any allergies including food sensitivities; mental health problems, including phobias; visual or hearing problems; heart related illnesses. If you fail to disclose any relevant information, your safety may be jeopardised. In addition, any insurance you have may be invalid.

  • Challenge Itinerary

    Itinerary TBC

  • Challenge Location

    Location TBC

  • The Route

    Route TBC

  • Social Media

    Download our handy social media posts below so that you can easily share your involvement in the challenge with your friends, family and contacts. You can keep your supporters up-to-date with the challenge you’re undertaking, as well as encourage donations from your networks by posting throughout your journey.

    Please use #HousebuilderChallenge and remember to tag us in using our handles below;

    Facebook – @youthadventuretrust

    Instagram – @youth_adventure_trust

    Twitter – @youth_adventure

    If you would like us to set up personalised posts for you, including your Enthuse page link and your company logo, please let us know.

  • Fundraising Leaderboard

    Our Fundraising Leaderboard will be updated each week in the lead up to the event. The team who raises the most will receive a prize at the celebration dinner following the event, so do make every effort to smash your fundraising target and get into pole position!

  • Action Checklist

    Have you –

    • Submitted all of your team details through Enthuse?
    • Set up your Fundraising page on Enthuse? Register here.
    • Posted on social media using the social posts in the above section of this page?
    • Booked your accommodation? Check out our accommodation list here.
    • Started your training? Download our training guide here.
    • Started your fundraising? Advice and support is available by clicking here.
    • Downloaded the Challenge Handbook? Download it here.
    • Checked you have all the kit you need? Our equipment check list is available here.

Training & Preparation Guidance

Fundraising Support