Your company will transform, inspire and change lives by working with us to make a lasting difference to vulnerable young people. Every one of our young people is treated as an individual. We work in the same way with our corporate partnerships. We understand that every company is different in size, culture and ambition and will tailor a partnership that achieves your desired outcomes and goals.

Not only will you be transforming lives, you will also be:-

  • Promoting an inspiring and motivating culture within the workforce
  • Demonstrating active involvement in your CSR to your staff, clients, and other stake holders
  • Giving your staff an opportunity to change lives through volunteering and fundraising
  • Attracting talented individuals to your business
  • Creating a lasting legacy

Your company can change lives

How many lives can your company change? £3,900 is the cost of one person’s place on our programme. Whether it is one young person or ten or more we will support you 100% with a dedicated account manager and a collaborative partnership that works for you.

We will work with you to tailor a charity partnership which reaches across all areas of your company. This may be through support of your staff in their fundraising, creating an innovative cause related marketing campaign, or providing opportunities for your staff to volunteer on our programme or challenge events.

How we support our corporate partners

  • A dedicated Corporate Partnerships Account Manager to engage with senior management on the design of the partnership and be on hand to visit your place of work and tell staff how they are helping to turn around the lives of our young people.
  • Regular updates and case studies of how your company has helped to change the lives some of our young people during their journey on the YAT Programme.
  • Fundraising ideas for staff
  • Interesting volunteering opportunities for staff

Over the years, our corporate partnerships have been instrumental in helping us to inspire young lives, and many of the companies we work with are long standing supporters of the charity. We are incredibly grateful to all of the businesses who are helping us.

  • Corporate challenge events and expeditions

    At the Youth Adventure Trust, we live and breathe adventure.  We know all about how an outdoor challenge can bring out the best in people. Over the past 20 years we have created tailor made challenges and expeditions that bring staff together in a way that is truly unique. We can promise you the conversations on a mountain or a bike will develop understanding between colleagues or clients that you never thought possible.

    Talk to Philippa to discuss how we can help you create a bespoke challenge or expedition for your staff team or your clients.

    Alternatively, take a look at our existing Youth Adventure Challenges and enter a team.

  • Sponsorship Opportunities

    The Youth Adventure Challenges offer excellent opportunities for corporate sponsorship. Your company could sponsor the whole event or a particular aspect of it.

    We will ensure you get lots of fantastic content for your website and social media as well as plenty of branding opportunities in the run up to the event, during and after it. What’s more, your sponsorship will mean that all of the money raised by the participating teams goes directly towards helping the young people we work with

  • Gifts in Kind

    As well as an ongoing need for a financial support, we regularly need new equipment or a particular services. Can your company help by providing pro-bono services, helping with a particular project or donating items for use on our camps or by our staff and volunteer team?

  • Staff Volunteering

    Promoting volunteering opportunities to your staff team and making it easy for them to volunteer is a win:win for the business, the employee and the Youth Adventure Trust. One of our volunteers wrote to us with 7 benefits your employees gain through volunteering for us:

    1. You gain a huge amount of behavioural psychology insight around why people behave as they do and how you can best help them overcome their challenge
    2. Your times away at camp are so full of fun and activity that your brain has a compete switch off and you go back to the office revitalised
    3. You see first hand how acceptance and praise are the key to getting the best out of people – hard to remember sometimes when you are under pressure to deliver performance
    4. You refresh the importance of aim setting and reflection in your mind.
    5. You feel good about achieving something amazing and go back to the office on a high, positively impacting your work performance and the morale of those around you
    6. You get to inspire the next generation – who knows, they may end up in your team
    7. You push yourself out of your comfort zone and feel the reward. We all avoid doing this in our working lives and it’s a reminder of what you, and your team, can achieve if you do

    Find out more about our volunteering opportunities here.

  • Payroll Giving

    Payroll Giving is an easy way to donate on a monthly basis, direct out of your salary.   The donation is made before tax is deducted so you get tax relief on your donation at your highest rate of tax.

    For example:-

    If you choose to donate £5 monthly

    £4 will come out of your monthly salary (or £3 at the higher tax rate)

    How do I do it?

    All companies big and small can benefit from the payroll giving scheme.

    As an employer you will need to sign up with a Payroll Giving Agency

    As an employee, contact your HR or finance department to see if they have payroll giving set up already.  Fill in the form and your donations will be taken monthly on an ongoing basis

    Payroll giving is a great way of supporting your employees in their personal charity choices.  It is not only tax efficient but can also incorporate company matching.

  • Examples of Corporate Support

    Taylor Wimpey – Staff challenge event and fundraising

    Since 2014 Taylor Wimpey have engaged their staff throughout the country by bringing all business units together in an annual unique outdoor challenge. Over the years, staff have hiked and biked throughout most of the UK’s most beautiful areas of wilderness in a unique team building experience.

    Ellis Brigham – Corporate donation and sponsorship

    Ellis Brigham have supported our Programme through corporate funding and are ongoing sponsors of our annual 10 Peaks event. The Ellis Brigham strapline of Live. Breathe. Outdoors is one that the Youth Adventure Trust wholeheartedly share!

    Amer Sports – Staff challenge event

    In 2019 Amer Sports staff participated in a team event to hike, bike and run a section of the South Downs Way, raising £13,000 as part of their target to fund 10 young people over the next 3 years.

    Hargreaves Lansdown – Corporate donation and staff fundraising

    As one of Hargreaves Lansdown selected charities, not only did staff participate in our annual 10 Peaks Challenge, but a percentage of profits also helped to fund our work.

    Evaporate – Pro Bono and staff fundraising

    Evaporate have provided essential IT support to the Youth Adventure Trust staff, allowing us to focus on our work without having to battle with computer gremlins.

  • Testimonials

    With our brands heavily rooted in the great outdoors, it’s important for us to align both our charitable partner and any activity that we undertake to raise funds for that charity with the great outdoors. The YAT was a fantastic match and the challenge we cooked up together for our teams to undertake, the Amer 100 – a 100 mile challenge on the South Downs Way – was the perfect activity to get everyone in the company involved in multiple outdoor disciplines at varying ability and fitness levels. This challenging event for all resulted in a platform that enabled cross functional relationships to flourish, build overall team morale whilst getting everyone into the great outdoors, testing products that we supply on a daily basis. The YAT were instrumental in the organisation and running of the event, which went incredibly smoothly in the planning and executional stages. We would definitely recommend the YAT as a charitable partner and a charity event organiser. 

    Paul Griffiths, Amer Sports UK Ltd, Marketing Manager


    We are passionate about supporting local charities and this one, supporting vulnerable young people, really stood out to our team.  Given current restrictions we all appreciate more than ever how important being outside in the fresh air is to us.  And being active, outside, is what this charity is all about.  We hope we can really help to change a life or 2!

    Tracey Heath, Optimum Professional Services, Swindon