A Rough Outline

An epic journey on foot and by river from the rugged wilds of Dartmoor all the way to the coast at Dartmouth.

The challenge will test physical, mental and emotional endurance in a weekend free from the constraints of modern technology – no phone to provide GPS, no uber to get you where you need to go, no restaurant to feed you and no luxury hotel room to keep you warm at night. With experts on hand for key skills training and advice throughout the challenge, participants will truly have the chance to go back to basics and see if they can survive the wild.

Starting from base camp on Dartmoor, participants will be briefed on the journey ahead, taught some key survival skills and then set the challenge to make it to the coast. They will need to navigate across rugged terrain, forage for food, build shelters, make an indigenous fire and improvise some river transport to make their Dartmouth destination.

Challenge Summary

What: A 2 night survival challenge during which participants will be taught basic survival skills and then be required to make the journey from moor to sea on foot and on water.

Where: Dartmoor National Park

When: Dates TBC

Audience: Age 18+, Individuals with a taste for adventure as well as groups of friends, family and/or colleagues

Challenge difficulty: Challenging

Fitness level: Reasonable – good

Other requirements: Participants must be able to swim and be water confident

Cost: £175 – this will include survival challenge activities, survival training and expert advice throughout the weekend, survival challenge preparation support, fundraising support, challenge handbook

Fundraising requirement: £150 for the Youth Adventure Trust

If you want to chat to us before you register your team then please feel free to get in touch with Natalie Levin who would be happy to help.