What is it?

The bursary is a set amount of money which is available to every young person who finishes the main Youth Adventure Programme. You can apply to the fund as many times as you like from the end of Year 9 up to the end of Year 11, until you reach the limit.

The bursary can be used to help you pay for an item of clothing or equipment for an activity, membership fees to a club, travel costs to get there, or a one-off cost linked to an organised activity, club or event.

Thank you for helping me purchase a new bag and money belt which both came in very handy on my Scout expeditionDaniel, age 15

How do I apply?

Complete the application form below telling us what you’d like to use the money for. You can ask someone at home, school or the Youth Adventure Trust to help you with this.

We’ll look at your application form. If we agree it’s something we can cover the cost of, we’ll buy the item for you, pay the fee or contact you directly to work out the next steps.

If the bursary can’t be used for the item you’ve requested, we’ll let you know why not, and help you to think of other ways you could use the money.

Apply now

Share your story

If your application is successful, we just ask that you let us know how you get on. Send us a photo of you using the item or enjoying your activity, or write a short note telling us how the money helped you.

Get in touch to tell us your story

I would like to say a massive thanks to Youth Adventure Trust for giving me this opportunity. I have really enjoyed going to the gym with friends. It gives me somewhere to release my frustrations and stress from school and looking after my mum. It has also helped to improve my confidence hugely.Ben, age 16