Giving an ‘adventure vaccine’ to young people

As Youth Adventure Trust Chief Executive, I recently caught up with one of our Ambassadors, Alastair Humphreys, for his Living Adventurously podcast, to share how we provide an ‘adventure vaccine’ to vulnerable young people – giving them resilience to face the challenges in their lives.

As well as talking about my adventurous childhood spent outdoors, I explain how important it is for me to continue stepping out of my comfort zone and tackle things that are more difficult than I imagine I’m capable of. I feel that this approach embodies the ethos of Youth Adventure Trust, and by stretching other people through adventure, YAT is giving an ‘adventure vaccine’ to young people – developing resilience, mental toughness and the skills they need for life.

I share with listeners how the long-term programme focuses on developing those crucial life skills through outdoor adventures, and the difference the Youth Adventure Programme has made to some of the young people we work with. The key to delivering all of this is thanks to people: the operations staff who develop and deliver the adventure Programme, the fundraising team who connect with our funders and donors, and the amazing volunteers who give up their time to inspire the young people.

Living Adventurously, with Alastair Humphreys, highlights stories of ordinary people choosing to live extraordinary lives so it’s a real honour to be featured among them! Al interviews artists and chefs, students and pensioners, athletes and travellers. He wants to discover what living adventurously means to different people, what universal obstacles stand in the way, and how each of these people took the first step to overcome them and begin their own fascinating journeys.