Whether you’re fundraising offline or online, your donations make a huge difference to the vulnerable young people that we support. With that in mind, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to reach your support networks, gather your sponsorship and thank those who have donated. Read on to find out more.

  • I want to raise funds online. How do I go about this?

    The easiest way to collect sponsorship from your supporters is online through Enthuse. It means that your kind supporters can donate from anywhere at any time! All they need is the link to your fundraising page. The funds get sent straight through to the Youth Adventure Trust so you don’t need to worry about forwarding us any money.

    If you require any help in setting up your fundraising page, please contact Natalie.

    To find out more about customising your fundraising page, please visit the Enthuse website.

  • I’m raising cash funds, cheques and receiving CAF vouchers. Is this ok?

    Yes! Whether it’s online or offline, sponsorship is sponsorship and we’re very grateful for your support! If you’re raising funds from individuals through asking them to sponsor you, you’ll need a Sponsor Form to record their details and the amount they donated.

    If you’re doing a wider collection, where your donors are ‘anonymous’ (i.e. collection £1 coins for a dress down day at work, where you don’t get each donors personal details), you won’t need to use a sponsor form but will need to keep track of how much has come in and prepare to bank it or send it in to us. More details below!

  • What is Gift Aid?

    Gift Aid is a really simple way for you to raise even more money for the Youth Adventure Trust. If the individual is a UK Tax Payer and wants to support you, they can Gift Aid their donation at no extra cost to them. It means that the Youth Adventure Trust will be able to claim an additional 25p for every £1 they donate.

    They should either complete the sponsor form and tick the Gift Aid box or, for a one-off or regular donation, fill in a Gift Aid Form.

    We need the first line of the donors home address, their home postcode and their signature in order to claim Gift Aid. For more information on Gift Aid donations, click here.

    Please note that if somebody pays the higher rate of income tax (40%) they may be entitled to claim tax relief on their donation.  They should speak to their financial advisor about this and click here for more information.

  • How do I pay my offline funds (cash, cheques or CAF vouchers) in to the Youth Adventure Trust?

    If you’re collecting cash or supporters are sending in cheques to you or CAF vouchers, please remember to send them in to us asap so that we can start to put them to good use, supporting our vulnerable young people.

    To do this please follow the below instructions:

    Cash: Please pay any cash into our Youth Adventure Trust bank account. The details are:

    Bank: Co-Op, Account Name: Youth Adventure Trust, Sort Code: 08-92-99, Account Number: 65572670

    When you have paid in the funds, please send your Sponsorship Form (if applicable) and your Paying In Record by email to fundraising@youthadventuretrust.org.uk and let us know you have transferred the funds so we can confirm receipt. Please don’t send cash through the post!

    Cheques & CAF Vouchers: Ensure cheques are made payable to ‘Youth Adventure Trust’ and send, along with your Paying In Record by recorded delivery to: Natalie Levin, Youth Adventure Trust, Windmill Hill Business Park, Whitehill Way, Swindon, SN5 6QR.

  • How do I thank my supporters?

    If you are using an online fundraising platform like Enthuse, you’ll be able to set up an automated thank you email which will be sent to each donor when they have made their donation.

    You can also then shout about their support on social media or write them a more personal email or give them a call.

    If they have made a particularly large donation or gone above and beyond with your support, it may be a nice idea to organise a cheque presentation photo which you can then add to social media or send to local press.

    Generally, the power of ‘followership’ works in sponsorship, so people will donate if they can see that others are donating too. Make sure you’re letting people know that you’re receiving donations!

  • Can the Youth Adventure Trust supply a receipt or thank you letter for a supporter’s donation?

    Yes! If you’d like a particular supporter to receive an official receipt of sponsorship or a thank you letter for their support, detailing how their donation will impact vulnerable young lives, please let us know!

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