Do you believe in the power of the outdoors?

Do you feel better when you get outside? Do you think outdoor activities help children and young people build resilience?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, you’re not alone – we do too! Take a moment to read Ben’s letter and consider ‘sponsoring an adventure’.

Your support would make all the difference to young people like Ben. Just £1.90 per week could cover the cost a young person attending six adventure activity days and make sure they get the one-to-one support they need from one of the fantastic YAT staff.

You’ll be sent regular updates about a young person’s Youth Adventure journey and you will genuinely be changing somebody’s life.

At a time when young people need us more than ever, your gift will ensure the Youth Adventure Trust can continue to offer crucial support through adventure.

Click the button below to make a one-off donation or set up a regular gift to sponsor an adventure today.

Why young people need your support

We work with young people from the age of 11 – 16 and use the outdoors as a platform to help them build resilience, develop confidence and learn skills to last a lifetime. The current cost of living crisis, affecting 98% of our young people, means access to the outdoors, combined with the one to one support we provide, has become more important than ever. All young people should have the opportunity to experience the mental, physical and emotional benefits – the power of the outdoors – and challenge themselves through adventure. Your support will help to shape the future for the next generation.

Watch Ben reading his personal statements at age 11 and 16, or read his story and the lasting impact of the Youth Adventure Programme here.

When you sponsor an adventure you’ll receive…

  • Regular updates via email, following your young person’s journey
  • A personalised certificate, celebrating your sponsorship
  • News about other work that supports our young people

Sponsor an adventure for…

  • Yourself – You will genuinely be changing somebody’s life
  • Someone else – sponsorship makes the perfect gift to inspire a loved one to get outdoors
  • Your school, group or company – Help support the cost of a young person, or get involved in other ways

Click the button below to make a one-off donation or set up a regular gift to sponsor an adventure today.

Read more stories about how sponsorship inspires young lives at Our Impact page.

Frequently asked questions

  • How often will I hear about how the young person’s adventures?

    You will follow a young person’s adventures for 24 months on a rolling basis. We will send you updates after key points on their Youth Adventure journey:

    July: When the young people first join the Programme

    September: After their Mountain Camp

    March: After their Activity Days

    June: After their Coastal Camp

    September: After their Forest Camp

    March: After their Pathway Days

    July: End of Programme and introduction to a new young person

  • How does sponsorship work?

    You’re invited to set up a regular monthly gift of £8.27 or more to sponsor a young person’s adventure.  You’re free to stop your Direct Debit at any time. Alternatively you make a single gift to sponsor an adventure.

    During your sponsorship you’ll follow one young person’s Youth Adventure journey for 24 months of adventurous activity days and challenging camps. Towards the end of the two-year sponsorship, we’ll send you information about another young person to check that you’re happy for the sponsorship to continue and to follow their journey.

  • What is my sponsorship money used for? What if I want to give a different amount?

    Your sponsorship contributions are used to help the young person whose adventures you are sponsoring and all the young people we are working with.

    Young people on the Programme attend 8 activity days and 3 residential camps with ongoing support from their Programme Manager over three school years. Each place on the Youth Adventure Programme is free for the young person, but costs us an average of £3,900. A monthly gift of £8.27 (or £1.90 a week) represents the cost of three different adventures that your young person will have during their Youth Adventure journey.

    You can give as much or as little as you like. To find out more about the full cost of the Youth Adventure Programme, take a look at Our Work page.

  • How long will it take for my welcome pack to arrive?

    Your personalised welcome pack will arrive in July, shortly after the young person you are sponsoring has experienced their first taster day with us. The Explore Day is where the young person gets to know us, and we get to know them, so that we can properly introduce you!

  • Tell me about registering the sponsorship as a gift

    Thank you for sponsoring an adventure as a gift. Your recipient will follow the young person’s journey with regular email updates and hopefully will be inspired to get outdoors too!

    Once you have set up your sponsorship here, contact us on with your recipient’s name and email address so that we can send the Welcome Pack straight to them with the personalised certificate in their name.

    Towards the end of the two-year sponsorship, we’ll contact you directly to check that you’re happy for the sponsorship to continue.