We’ve put together some ideas of things we think might be helpful to you whilst you’re on our programme and beyond. There are suggestions for things you can do, ideas for keeping active, and links to other activities or projects you can get involved in. There’s also some information about who you can talk to if you’re worried, and suggestions for parents and carers as well. If you have any ideas of things we can add please just let us know.

At the Youth Adventure Trust we’re all about taking on challenges and resilience building. So why not try something new, use your time for something you’ve always wanted to do or find new ways to enjoy the things you like.

If you’re coming to the end of your time with us and you’re wondering what else you can get involved in, visit the What’s Next page. Here you’ll find information about activities, volunteering, career ideas, financial support and more.

If there’s anything we can help you with or you need someone to talk to please get in touch with the YAT team.

  • Get Active
    • The FA’s free SuperKicks app is available with hundreds of challenges with various levels built in for young people to try.
    • GetOutside Safely Lots of ideas and links from outdoor organisations on how to get connected with the outdoors and engaged with our natural environments whilst keeping safe.
    • BarBend aim to provide the most informed content around fitness and strength training. From improving posture to building muscle, they have loads of blogs and articles to help you exercise well at home here.
    • Joe Wicks lots of workout videos from Joe Wicks the Body Coach.
    • Oti Mabuse Strictly Come Dancing star Oti Mabuse hosted lots of dance classes over
      lockdown. There all still available on her YouTube channel.
    • Yoga With Adriene Hours of indoor Yoga sessions to help you keep fit and relaxed indoors.

    Workouts and Apps

  • Be Creative
    • Ingestre Arts offer fun ideas of creative stuff to make with things around the house!
    • Gardening is good for the planet, our mental health, and a great fun skill to learn. Checkout the Royal Horticultural Society ideas on how to get started.
    • National Shelf Service, is a daily YouTube broadcast featuring eBook recommendations from professional librarians. Focusing on helping children and families discover new, diverse reading experiences.
    • Arts in Wiltshire blog Lots of ideas to help you take part in, enjoy and experience creative activities across Wiltshire and at home.
    • KAPOW! The marvellous Cartoon Museum has produced free resources showing people how to draw their own comic stories, create caricatures and more.
    • Fender Play is a programme of free guitar lessons being offered by Fender, the worlds most famous guitar company. If there is a guitar in the house why not start learning.
    • Paper aeroplane competition Compare different designs and see how well they fly and land.
    • Create an artistic collage Cut out from magazines and catalogues, use stickers and paint to bring it to life.
    • Rock Art Raid the garden for decent sized stones and do some rock paintings.
    • Make a loo roll bird feeder This is messy fun to get stuck into;
    1. Smother a cardboard tube in peanut butter (no added salt and sugar versions are suitable for birds).
    2. Roll it in seed and thread some string through the hole.
    3. Tie it up in your garden where birds will feel safe eating.
    4. How many garden birds will you spot?
    • Have a picnic in your garden Pack up your lunch and take it outdoors to your garden or backyard; even just a little fresh air can help you feel more positive and energised.
    • Free Drawing Lessons Art For Kids Hub is a YouTube channel with lots of great drawing videos that teach as you draw along with them.
    • Free Drawing Lessons from famous children’s author, Mo Williems, the famous childrens author.
      lessons in lockdown. Why not go back and check them out.
    • Origami Jumping Frog. Make a jumping frog in this video which teaches you as you watch this video. There are loads of origami videos on YouTube, from ninja stars to speedboats. Why not give some of them a go.
  • Learn Something New
    • The Oak National Academy have lots of brilliant resources to learn from. You can search their Online Lessons by year-group, or pick a book from their Virtual Library and so much more.
    • For anyone who wants to know what it takes to become a journalist, The Guardian have put together lots of resources so you can find out.
    • The National Archive allows you to travel through tie. Just pick a time period and start exploring.
    • Quizzes and games to explore the night sky from The Observatory Science Centre.
    • BBC Bitesize has lots of learning ideas and lessons to build your knowledge and skills. Just enter your year-group to get started.
    • TED-Ed has tons of amazing, though-provoking, inspiring videos of short presentations by knowledgeable and fascniating people. TED-Ed works with expert educators and TED speakers throughout the world to create and share high-quality, interactive, video-based lessons on a daily basis, for free.
    • 75 Virtual Museum Tours The world’s most popular museums are now just a click away thanks to incredible free virtual tours.
    • Steve Backshall The Nature presenter has been giving virtual talks about wildlife, biology, conservation, geography and exploration. Head to Steve Backshall YouTube channel for more information.
    • Myleene Klass Was providing free music lessons for families online every week during lockdown. They are all still available. It is an introduction to music in a simple, entertaining way. You don’t need your own instrument to be able to participate, there are interactive elements with items from around the house. 
    • Watch virtual cooking lessons from famous chefs Loads of famous chefs are offering free cooking lessons online. Just search a famous chef’s name. Jamie Oliver is always great.
    • Former Blue Peter presenter Konnie Huq has a YouTube channel, containing lots of science and other interesting videos.
    • Gardening and Nature with Maddie and Greg Served up lessons on the great outdoors indoors over lockdown. Lots of interesting Nature based videos and ideas for you to try at home, delving into everything from daffodil Dissection to how to make a bird feeder.
    • Darcey Bussell from Strictly Come Dancing was live broadcasting 10-minute children’s dance fitness lesson s over lockdown. Check out her Facebook page where they are all still available.
    • National Geographic offered lots of activities and interactive material over lockdown for young people to get involved with. Check them out.
  • More Ideas
    • Self-improvement is all the rage these days. From elaborate lockdown cooking to fitness goals, striving to be the best version of yourself is where it’s at. Checkout these Six Challenges to get you out of your comfort zone.
    • How about finding north using spaghetti? Or planning your dream adventure? These and loads more Adventure at home ideas can be found at BeVenturesome.
    • The Wilderness Foundation UK have put together lots of activities to keep you focussed, fit and entertained while looking after your mental health.
    • RSPB Wild Challenge. Earn awards while helping nature in your local area.
    • Maketime2play have lots of ideas of things to do. You can search by age range and whether you want something physical, creative, and loads of other options. Maybe even find something to do with younger siblings.
    • Could staying at home be the perfect time to get on top of things? BBC bitesize have put together a 14 day Sort-Your-Life-Out Challenge here.
    • Or perhaps a 7-days-of-kindness challenge sounds good?
    • The Making of Harry Potter. Try your hand at filmmaking from your front room, test your Harry Potter knowledge and learn how the magic was brought to life on screen.
    • The British Exploration Society usually run expeditions for young people all over the world. Now they have launched their Wildestan series of videos. From setting up a hammock to making insect traps, you can watch Expedition Leaders showing you cool skills they would use whilst camping or on expedition.
    • You could make your own slime, find out how here.
    • FilmedOnStage offered free musicals and plays to stream during the Coronavirus outbreak. They are still available and the page is updated daily.
    • Dance Performances Sadler’s Wells presents a programme of full-length dance performances and workshops online, to keep you entertained and connected through dance, wherever you are in the world.
    • Art Galleries Many galleries are offering online access to their exhibitions and archives such as Tate Gallery and The National Gallery.
    • Detroit Symphony Orchestra The orchestra can come to you in your homes with free access to DSO Replay, a service letting you watch past performances.
    • Royal Opera House Have created a schedule of free broadcasts and live content that audiences can access for free at anytime, bringing both ballet and opera to every home and every device.
    • Take a Tour of Disneyland, or any other place in the world Take a tour of somewhere amazing in the world using Google Street View. If not Disneyland how about London, New York, Hollywood; Head to Google Earth. 
    • Tourist attractions and Iconic National Parks You can see many of the Wonders of the World without having to leave the house. A virtual 360 degree tour of the Great Wall of China can be found online, while Google Arts & Culture has views from the top of the Eiffel Tower to the Taj Mahal in India. Take a tour of Lapland via YouTube or explore stunning National Parks across America.
    • ChatterPack.net Has lots of ideas to ‘bust the boredom’ including links to language courses, computer programming games and great ideas you can use to help nature in your garden.
    • Livestream animals at Aquariums and Zoos Many zoos and aquariums are livestreaming or offering virtual tours so you can enjoy the animals. Some of the best are listed below;








    • Meditation Download Headspace or Calm apps for free guided meditation sessions.
  • Local Information
    • Youth Action Wiltshire: Information for Young Carers.
    • Splash: Free activities available in school and summer holidays.
    • Wiltshire Clubs Information: Browse through the wide selection of leisure activities available in Wiltshire.
    • Wiltshire Youth Council: have your say on decisions that are made in your area. Youth councillors will be helping to allocate money to projects that are important to them and their peers. They will also have the chance to inspect council services, ensuring that these represent young people’s best interests. For age 11-17.
    • Greatwood Charity work with retired and rescued former race horses and offer a wide range of educational programmes and events to get involved with.
  • If You’re Worried
    • There are many online support services to help you if you’re feeling worried about the Coronavirus outbreak. Click here for contact details of 14 support services promoted by the NHS.
    • The 10 Days of Happiness Challenge is run by Action for Happiness and is a great way to help yourself feel better.
    • Kooth Free, safe and anonymous online support for young people.
    • You can also contact the YAT team if you need someone to talk to about any worries.

    Trusted places for information about Coronavirus:

    • BBC News For reliable, trustworthy information about the current situation with Coronavirus. But remember it’s may not help you to check the news too many times in one day.
    • Young Somerset – As well as lots of interesting things to get involved in, here you’ll find information about wellbeing support.
    • Strategies developed by other young people – A selection of self-care strategies that have been developed by young people to help manage their own well-being. Everything from challenging negative thoughts to using yoga and exercise.
    • Self help guides – A collection of downloadable, self-help guides, endorsed by mental health professionals. The guides include advice on Mindfulness, Anxiety, Stress, Self-esteem, Self-harm, Resilience and lots more
    • Remember talking positively will always help you feel calmer and happierPOSITIVE SELF-TALK POSTER for Your Classroom or Counseling Office: Free Decor!
    • CEOP offer advice on safer internet use for 11-18 year olds. From safer socialising to exploring your identity, find safe ways to do so online.
  • Advice for Parents and Carers
    • Teen Mental Health guide for parents A great resource for parents to better understand teen mental health challenges covering areas such as anxiety around exams, cyberbullying and more.
    • The NSPCC Net Aware guide is an excellent tool to check how safe all those apps, games, ad social media sites are for your young person. Simply type in the name of the app or search their extensive list of popular apps.
    • The Child Mind Institute have written an article giving advice on how to support teenagers and young people with a wide range of issues and concerns.
    • The NSPCC has a hub of information for parents and carers including things like mental health, online safety, talking about difficult subjects and parenting advice.
    • Support for parents helping children get more active from UK Coaching
    • Emerging Minds aims to reduce the prevalence of mental health problems experienced by children and young people. The site has resources, research, news and events.
    • Mental Health UK give expert tips on how to manage your mental health, with regularly updated information and support.