In between the Mountain Camp and Coastal Camp there are Activity Days for you to come along to; one in the October half term, one in the February half term and one during the Easter holidays. The activities will be different each time, and you’ll get a choice between three different activity categories; Adventure, Team Challenge or Creative. You could be building go-karts, taking part in a music or art workshop, learning survival skills or doing some team challenges in the woods. The Activity Days will take place in your local area, and we’ll provide transport to make sure you can get there.

  • Kit list
    • Coat/waterproof top
    • Waterproof bottoms (if you have them)
    • A change of clothes and socks
    • A spare pair of shoes
    • A packed lunch and drinks
  • Location

    Locations vary, please contact a member of the team for more information.

  • Consent form

    If you would prefer not to complete the form online you can download the Word document here.

  • Contact us

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