The Explore Day is the first part of your Youth Adventure Programme. It will be on a Saturday or Sunday in June while you’re in Year 7. It’s a chance for you to try out a few different activities which might include an assault course, tunnelling, grass tobogganing, climbing and other team games. You’ll have the opportunity to meet the other young people who will be on your programme, and the Youth Adventure Trust staff. We’ll spend the day at a local outdoor activity centre. We’ll pick you up from near to where you live and all travel together on a coach.

  • Kit List
    • Coat/waterproof top
    • Waterproof bottoms (if you have them)
    • A change of clothes and socks
    • A spare pair of shoes
    • A packed lunch and drinks
  • Location

    Locations vary, please contact a member of the team for more information.

  • Consent Form

    If you would prefer not to complete the form online you can download the Word document here.

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